The ‘BIGG’ Cache Dash is now officially LIVE!

6 Geocaches are now out to be found!

The long wait is over, owing to some technical hitches this Geocaching challenge is being run independently by the District so therefore all you will need is either a GPS handheld device or a GPS App for your phone.

Plug the co-ordinates into your device and away you go… each Geocache has plenty of Swapsies and a special badge for the FTF (First to Find). Be sure to take a pen with you to write in the log and collect the code word to report back in to District if you are a District Scouting Member for your details to be entered into the challenge tournament.

There is also an added QR code in each cache for an activity of additional fun… these can also be used in collaboration with weekly section meetings if you so wish.

Have fun, stay safe, get hunting, be discreet… and make sure you lookout for Muggles!